Building for a Better Life… Meeting Expectations..

Success is important to us and it is achieved within the boundaries of strong ethics, and an uncompromising integrity.

Our goals are many, but they are bound by one principle, to maintain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders at all times.

Global in our approach, attitude and outlook.

We at INTERMID are driven by opportunities, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Create, structure and deliver competitive projects internationally
  • Build trust by adhering to international standards and operating within strong ethical boundaries creating value for all
  • To be the preferred organization in offering sustainable and competitive solutions
  • Become the institution of choice for partnership, investment and employment
  • Become a socially responsible firm


Diverse Product Offering

Diverse product offerings, consultancy and project executions, joint venture strategies and a varied geographic focus.

Strategic Partners

Strategic partnerships with key players in its target markets, enabling provision of competitive projects.

Strong Management Team

Sharing a common vision and mission, coupled with a result driven and client-focused business approach, INTERMID’s team is guided by a set of core values that embrace integrity, innovation, client service, performance and team spirit.


Primary Focus on GCC Region and beyond.